Why data scientists are trading traditional big data for cloud-native tech

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Cloud-native data science is on the rise, as traditional Hadoop-centric big data infrastructure falls out of favor, according to a Wednesday report from data science platform Anaconda. The company surveyed 4,218 data science students, professionals, academics, and software developers who use the platform. In terms of data sources, files reign supreme, with the majority of data scientists (89%) tapping CSV or other files, the report found.

Hadoop Big Data

In second place, 49% of data scientists surveyed said they use a SQL database like Oracle or MySQL, and in third, 25% use a REST API from another app like Twitter. Google Cloud’s data services just edged out traditional big data stores like HDFS/Hadoop/Spark, with both gaining about 17% of users. Amazon Web Services (AWS) had about 16% of users taking advantage of their data offerings.

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