Pentagon delays disputed JEDI cloud contract

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The Pentagon has “delayed indefinitely its final request for proposals” (RFP) for its multi-billion dollar cloud contract, Defense Department spokeswoman Dana White told Bloomberg today. The question came up 11 minutes into the Pentagon briefing, which is available online at DVIDS. White said “it’s important that we don’t rush towards failure” and “we are moving forward as quickly as we can to get this right.”

Rivals expected the deal to go to Amazon, which already operates a top secret cloud for the CIA. Oracle and Microsoft are among the companies that have been lobbying for a multi-cloud or multi-vendor strategy where they might expect to get some of the business. President Trump’s Twitter attacks on Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos are apparently not factors in the contract. At a White House briefing early in April, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said “The president is not involved in the process”, and White confirmed that in her briefing.

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