SaaS vs IaaS vs on-premise: What if moving to the cloud is not the answer?

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For many organisations, moving to the cloud makes complete business sense. If I set up a business now, I would run all my IT in the cloud. But that doesn’t mean a ‘cloud for everything’ policy will work for every company. Most of us are not starting from scratch or working with a small number of relatively straightforward applications. Therefore, we need to consider carefully whether all our applications can be transferred efficiently and cost-effectively to the cloud.

Once you’ve identified such a service, and confirmed it offers the right resilience at the right cost, you can simply consume it, whilst monitoring to ensure you receive what you’ve signed up for. The best analogy for SaaS billing models is that it is like turning on a tap to obtain water, rather than going to a well to collect it, before readying it for consumption through purification, for example. Good SaaS provides what you need when you need it, and you’re billed for what you use.

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