What makes Google Cloud Platform unique compared to Azure and Amazon

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There is one very significant, very often overlooked, difference between today’s cloud services market and yesterday’s PC software market: Software depended on a sales channel, comprised of independent organizations that ensured the availability of software packages through resellers. With the modern cloud, the service provider is the channel provider. The applications and infrastructure you or your enterprise uses are cultivated, deployed, and delivered by the same organization. So perhaps it is no wonder that Google — the dominant web search provider for most of this century — is among the world’s top three cloud service providers.

“Today, most of the world’s enterprise computing still happens on-premise,” stated Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, during his keynote address to the Google Cloud Next 2019 conference in April (though he means “on-premises”).  “It hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, because the path forward is complex and daunting, and full of difficult decisions. How do you modernize in-place without having to jump completely to the cloud? How do you bridge incompatible architectures while you transition? And how do you maintain flexibility and avoid lock-in?”

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