Seeking strategic niches in the cloud

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Touring one of Interxion’s cloud facilities in southern France shows how serious the industry has become. Meticulous security is in evidence everywhere, with many multiple layers of physical and virtual protection. Ruthless efficiency in design and construction abound in carefully laid out network cabling, battery rooms, and fire protection systems. So too in ready abundance are the three strategic assets that fuel today’s growing digital workloads in the cloud: Physical space, power, and networking capacity.

Long one of the leading regional players in Europe, the cloud hosting firm Interxion has been playing a careful game of strategy when it comes to the real chess pieces of the future of network computing: Servers come and go on an endless upgrade/replacement cycle. Power gets steadily greener, cheaper, and more efficient, often from the supplier of the week, or soon, the hour. Even physical space is easily commoditized now as Moore’s law continues its endless grind to put the same performance in a much smaller space.

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