AI-Powered SOC Co-Pilot

  • Headquartered In: USA and Canada
  • Company Size: 2,000+ Employees
  • Industries: All except Software and Government
  • Titles: Security in IT and Cybersecurity
  • Job Level: Manager+

Todays’ SOC model is broken due to a reliance on manual effort. This is true for both in-house and outsourced SOCs, and it causes at least three critical problems:

  • Unfinished work – Capacity shortages lead to work not being completed. Each alert that is not adequately triaged or is filtered out to reduce workloads, represents a potential blindspot where an attack could slip through the cracks.
  • Missing Attacks – Every alert that is identified as being potentially malicious must be deeply investigated so that attacks are not partially or entirely missed. Resource constraints make this impossible to do manually, at scale.
  • Slow, Incomplete response – Complex and lengthy triage and investigation processes yield slow response times that are often measured in days or weeks; and any parts of an attack that is missed during investigation cannot be contained and remediated.

Recent innovations in AI now offer a better way for SOCs to build efficient and effective SecOps programs. By using an AI-powered SOC co-pilot, security operations teams can leverage the power of AI to streamline and automate analyst workflows. This dramatically boosts SOC analyst productivity, detects significantly more real attacks by deeply investigating every incident, and drastically reduces response times.

The AI-powered SOC co-pilot automates alert triage and incident investigation to provide unlimited capacity and detect more real attacks. Incidents are escalated to analysts decision-ready, with a complete root cause analysis and full incident scope: including affected users, hosts, applications, etc., and data stitching to follow attacks across data types. The co-pilot automatically generates a response plan to address each identified security issue, which can be executed manually by analysts, interactively with one-click response actions, or in a fully automated mode. The system continuously trains itself on a customer’s normal operating environment, data sources like CIS and MITRE ATT&CK, and the learned conclusions from previous incidents. The result is highly accurate triage and investigation that can scale indefinitely to handle any volume of alerts.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • My team has more alerts than they can triage.
  • I have a junior team member who is not capable of performing effective incident investigations.
  • I do not have enough budget to build a SOC.
  • My MDR gives me low quality security outcomes.
  • My MDR creates more work than they remove.
  • Phishing reports are a significant portion of my team’s time.
  • EDR alerts are a significant portion of my team’s time.
  • I can’t hire enough analysts for my SOC.

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