Application Security and Performance

  • GEO: Canada
  • Company Size: 1000+ Employees
  • Industries: All except Federal, State & Local Government, Education, K-12 and Higher Education
  • Titles: IT & Technical Operations
  • Job Level: Influencers and Decision Makers

Applications are what drive business – we know ultra-fast web experiences keep customers engaged and application security keeps applications secure and productive.

Thinking about application performance, we have to address fast content delivery, reachability and availability. Is web content reaching every global web visitor fast? Or are they giving up and moving to a competitor? What about dynamic content? Are servers overloaded and adding latency?

Most organizations consider security in the same breath as performance. Today keeping application security means a lot more than simple cross-site scripting attacks. We have to block vulnerability exploits, common attacks, slow bots and automated traffic, protect against third party Javascript risk – and all in a way that doesn’t stretch teams with too many vendors or too much complexity.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • We have a slow website that can lead to frustrated web visitors who abandon pages and shopping carts
  • Our dynamic content really lags when loading, slowing down overall page loading
  • Requests at our origin servers pile up at peak load times, inserting latency
  • We need better protections against exploits for emerging application vulnerabilities like Log4j. [“Log – four – j”]
  • Bots are ruining web experiences and carrying out scraping, credit card stuffing or hoarding attacks on our site
  •  We are more and more API-centric and need better tools for API visibility, security and related API management
  • Our website uses a lot of 3rd party Javascript dependencies – and we need to understand and mitigate the security risk of Magecart, client-side attacks

You must be directly involved in your company’s evaluation process for solutions like this, or in the management chain for people who do. You must be a hands-on user of the prospective solution or in the management chain of users. Please do not register for programs that are an unlikely fit. Your credibility and ours depend on it.

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