DataStax Helps Deliver ‘Always-On’ Health Advice

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An AI-based virtual health consultation service rolled out in the U.K. and Rwanda is built on a distributed cloud database built by DataStax on Apache Cassandra. The new regional health service also illustrates how cloud provisioning is allowing vendors like DataStax, Santa Clara, Calif., to extend its database platform.


DataStax and London-based Babylon, an online health service provider, said this week they have launched a 24/7 a real-time application service based on DataStax Enterprise. The service provides virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text, video messaging and an AI-based chat bot. The provider currently has 1.4 million across the U.K and the east African nation of Rwanda. Most users access the health service via mobile devices, presenting an additional security challenge for protecting personal medical data. Babylon went with the Cassandra-based platform to deliver a “health device in an instant” platform with a comprehensive data layer that could scale with high availability.

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