How ‘Circuit Slinging’ Telecom Agents Are Selling More Cloud Services Through Immersive Training, Education

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Telecom agent partners are well-versed in connectivity, but as more businesses favor cloud-based solutions, these partners realize that they have to learn a new language. LanYap Networks is a Phoenix-based telecom agent partner has been happily selling connectivity to its base of business customers since 2006. The company knew that business needs were changing, but it wasn’t quick to start selling cloud, said Angie Tocco, co-founder of LanYap Networks.


To that end, LanYap, a longtime partner of Petaluma, Calif.-based Intelisys, signed up for the master agent’s three-day cloud training program, Super9. The Super9 training program, first launched in April 2016, got it name when Intelisys hand-picked a select group of its channel partners that it identified as being ready to go after cloud opportunities. The program, which offers cloud business development skills, coaching, and resources for partners, has since been rolled out to the entire Intelisys agent and ScanSource VAR community, and veterans of the program say that they wouldn’t be landing cloud deals and evolving their businesses without it.

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