Azure Migrate aims to attract VMware workloads to the cloud

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As enterprises continue to gravitate toward hybrid cloud, both AWS and Azure have targeted VMware customers who want to extend their data center and migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS, a service that helps customers migrate their vSphere-based environments to the AWS public cloud, became available in August 2017 as part of a formal partnership between the two vendors. To compete with the offering, in February 2018, Microsoft unveiled Azure Migrate, a service expected to become generally available this year, to ease the migration of VMware workloads to the Azure public cloud. And while VMware didn’t formally support the service out of the gate, it has since said it is in the “process of engaging” with Microsoft on the Azure technology. This could come as a relief for Microsoft customers who’ve been concerned about a lack of VMware involvement in the service — but the extent of VMware’s support and its effects remain to be seen.

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