Zerto Virtual Replication dives deeper into multiple clouds

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Zerto’s latest version of its replication software has been enhanced for multi-cloud implementations. The data protection specialist’s new Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 has the ability to do inter-cloud and intra-cloud data movement using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud environments. The 6.0 version expands on the bidirectional replication capability to protect applications and data to and from clouds and between multiple clouds.

“It works any-to-any [cloud],” said Rob Strechay, senior vice president of product at Zerto, based in Boston. “We enable region-to-region [replication] support for Azure. We can do failover from AWS to Azure or on premises. You can go from Azure to AWS and from AWS to Azure. You also can go from IBM to Azure or AWS to IBM or one of the 350 other service providers we support.” Multi-cloud support can help organizations avoid vendor lock-in and provide better disaster recovery options.

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