You can survive the migration from Windows vCenter server

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Up until relatively recently, VMware’s vCenter was a Windows-only affair. With version 5 came the VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) based on a hardened Linux installation. It essentially left behind the legacy issues around management and patching (and all manner of other issues) that impact Windows. The next major release of vSphere is to be the last that supports a vCenter sat on Windows.

For the first couple of releases, the VCSA was missing a few key functions (such as vSphere Update Manager capabilities) but now the features of the VCSA exceeds those of the Windows server. For example, integrated backup is only available on the VCSA. VMware itself has stated that all the engineering resource dollars moving forward are being spent on the appliance, not the Windows installation. There is just no reason not to go with appliance. No malware, no Windows patches and no weird Windows server compatibility bugs.

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