Why perceived Citrix Cloud costs may not align with reality

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It’s no secret that Citrix is encouraging its customers to migrate to Citrix Cloud, but its tangible and intangible savings are unclear. There are significant Citrix Cloud costs that IT must consider first. The move to Citrix Cloud is reminiscent of the initial marketing push for VDI, when many jumped up and down with excitement but didn’t evaluate the use case or whether there were solid reasons for adopting it.

First, it’s important to ensure a clear understanding of what is included with Citrix Cloud. Citrix provides the infrastructure components of a Citrix Virtual Apps and/or Desktops — formerly, XenApp and XenDesktop — environment. This means that Citrix deploys the core components, including Delivery Controller, License Server, Director and Studio, as well as maintenance and upgrades of all these servers. Optionally, Citrix can also address Citrix Gateway — formerly, NetScaler Gateway — and StoreFront, which is called Workspace in Citrix Cloud.

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