What in the world is hybrid VDI? And is it right for you?

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A typical environment where the VDI approach can provide benefits might be a call center where users work in shifts using a shared pool of client devices. In such a scenario, VDI can provide greater flexibility, more security, and lower hardware costs than providing each user with his or her own PC. The VDI approach can also bring benefits to organizations that frequently work with contractors because it eliminates the need to provide contractors with PCs and helps ensure that corporate intellectual property remains safely in the datacenter. A help desk also benefits from the VDI approach because it’s easier to reinitialize failed virtual machines remotely than with standard PCs.

This much should be common knowledge for most of us in the IT profession. But what on earth is this relatively new thing called Hybrid VDI? To answer that question I recently had a conversation with Aaron Suzuki, CEO of Prowess Consulting and SmartDeploy. Aaron is an interesting guy who has spent his entire career as an IT consultant. Rising at the age of 26 to the role of president for a regional Internet application development firm, Aaron led the company successfully through the economic downturn of the early 2000’s. From there, he moved to a broader technology business opportunity, taking on the revival of a Seattle-based IT firm where he acted as the director of business development. Aaron co-founded Prowess in 2003 and co-founded SmartDeploy in 2009. The following is a distillation of my exchange with Aaron on the subject of Hybrid VDI.

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