What cloud service providers need to know

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Businesses have become a lot more forward thinking when it comes to the cloud as we see companies starting to embrace this platform. Convenience, cost effectiveness and choice are just a few of the benefits proposed by cloud solutions today, and businesses are quickly turning to them for these advantages. Service providers, too, have geared themselves to offer a range of cloud-based services, and cloud contact centres, PBX solutions and interaction recording and management solutions are proving among the most popular.

Cloud Service

However, as with any on-premise IT selection, cloud service providers are faced with the challenge of choosing a mix of ‘best of breed’ products or opting for a single brand across the entire technology stack, in order to provide their services to the market. For cloud service providers offering these types of solutions, particularly interaction recording, reliability and the ability for recordings to be credibly used as evidence in court, is key. It is vital that they consider the robustness of their infrastructure while opting for technology which provides the best range of functionality.

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