Weigh VMware Workspace One pricing against its benefits

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VMware Workspace One is one of the top digital workspace products on the market, but for many IT teams, it’s not always clear if the cost is worth the investment. The more features an organization needs for Workspace One, the more expensive it gets. Organizations should conduct a careful analysis to determine accurate Workspace One pricing and whether its benefits justify the cost.

Workspace One is a digital workspace product that integrates endpoint management, application management and access control into a secure, unified platform. Workspace One provides administrators with the tools they need to deliver and manage mobile, web, cloud, Windows and macOS applications on an assortment of devices, including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. End users can access the resources they need through Workspace One’s centralized Intelligent Hub, which provides catalog and onboarding services, along with features such as Home, People and Notifications.

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