VMware’s internal Service-defined Firewall reimagines firewalling

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VMware is ready to bring its intrinsic security approach to firewalls. Rather than solely tackling the threat of the moment, the age-old technology will focus on reducing the attack surface. The goal is to harden the infrastructure so there are fewer places attackers can break in. “It’s time for security to come up to speed and be designed for today’s data centers and applications,” said Ambika Kapur, vice president of product marketing for VMware’s network security business unit.

The Service-defined Firewall runs in the hypervisor where, if the infrastructure gets compromised in any way, it’s very difficult for attackers to turn it off. To achieve this, the firewall combines its NSX network virtualization platform and host-inspecting AppDefense capabilities. It uses application visibility and an understanding of known-good application behavior with intelligent, automated and adaptive firewalling capabilities to lock down apps, data and users.

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