VMware opens, reinforces hybrid-cloud migration software

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VMware customers can now  migrate non-vSphere as well as incresed amounts of on-premises application workloads to a variety of cloud services with a new release of the company’s Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) application-mobility software.

Introduced in 2017, VMware HCX lets vSphere customers tie together on-premises systems and applications with a variety of cloud services.  vSphere VMware’s flagship virtualization platform. HCX includes services such as routing and WAN optimization and can utilize other VMware products and services such as the firm’s core networking software, NSX. NSX is targeted at organizations looking to support multivendor cloud-native applications, bare-metal workloads, hypervisor environments and the growing hybrid and multicloud worlds.  HCX is also included in other VMware packages such as its VMware Cloud on AWS.

To read the entire article, please click on https://www.networkworld.com/article/3431142/vmware-opens-reinforces-hybrid-cloud-migration-software.html

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