VMware desktop virtualization takes advantage of NSX and vSAN

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The costs and complex licensing that made virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) unattractive have since dropped and simplified. Security and portability kept VDI in the spotlight, and with those initial barriers removed, interest and adoption are likely to rise. Different VDI providers have different approaches to this market, but VMware’s acquisitions combined with its current software stack position its desktop virtualization technology as a potential leader.


Citrix, Microsoft and VMware are typically the big names you associate with desktop virtualization. Citrix has been central to the application delivery space for a long time, and Microsoft will always be relevant because most desktop virtualization addresses Microsoft desktops. The list of features each company provides is staggering, and their prioritization reveals significantly different goals. Application virtualization remains the most popular usage of Citrix’s technology, but the company is now positioning itself primarily as a cloud vendor.
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