VMware Buys Cloud Security Startup CloudCoreo

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VMware will acquire CloudCoreo, adding a public cloud security tool to its lineup. The virtualization giant didn’t disclose the purchase price for the Seattle-based startup. It will offer CloudCoreo’s security platform as a standalone service, according to a VMware spokesperson. “There will be integration points between it and the broader lineup of services we offer based on events or issues the service discovers,” he added.

VMware's virtualisation

CloudCoreo’s platform monitors the entire cloud infrastructure stack (cloud services, hosts, and application configuration), and looks for misconfigurations or risks at deploy time. This allows security and DevOps teams to fix any issues before breaches or compliance policy violations can occur, the company claims. The deal is another example of VMware’s push into multi-cloud, partnering with Amazon Web Services on hybrid cloud as well as Pivotal and Google on Pivotal Container Service (PKS), which allows enterprises to run Kubernetes on premises as well as in Google Cloud.

To read the entire article, please click on this https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/vmware-buys-cloud-security-startup-cloudcoreo/2018/02/

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