VMware and VeloCloud announce their networking and security strategy

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It’s been a few months since VMware closed its acquisition of VeloCloud, a prominent SD-WAN provider. In that time, the two companies have worked to integrate their products, and recently they announced a unified strategy called the Virtual Cloud Network.

The strategy fully supports the migration of applications and data out of the enterprise data center to the cloud and to branches — and with IoT, pretty much anything can be considered a branch today, as VeloCloud claims to have a customer with ocean-going ships as branches. The result is that many enterprises are in a position where their applications are everywhere, and their data is everywhere. This has profound implications on the network that needs to support all of this.

To read the entire article, please click on https://www.networkworld.com/article/3269769/lan-wan/vmware-and-velocloud-announce-their-networking-and-security-strategy.html

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