VMware Adds New Features, Smarts to Its VDI Offerings

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Last week, VMware announced Opens a New Window. a host of new updates for its virtual desktop infrastructure Opens a New Window. (VDI) solution, Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud. According to the company, the updates are designed to make it easier to manage, deliver, and secure virtual workspaces. Among the updates are the ability to extend operations to Amazon Web Services Opens a New Window. (AWS), new pricing, and a brand-new version of its Horizon VDI product. The company also announced plans to roll out its new Workspace One Intelligence capability to the platform, which comes as yet another development in artificial intelligence (AI)-infused business applications.

Before we go into the things that VMware announced, it’s important to understand exactly what VDI is. In basic terms, VDI lets companies operate fully functional, virtual machine (VM)-based desktops that users can access regardless of device or location. Rather than standard desktop virtualization, which usually refers to a computer hosting a single guest VM, VDI refers to the processes of running a desktop inside a VM Opens a New Window. that lives on a server, which means a single server or server farm can be architected to host dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of simultaneously operating desktops.

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