VMware adds CloudHealth to cloud partner program

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VMware has added CloudHealth to its VMware Cloud Partner Program (VCPP). CloudHealth became an independent part of VMware in October 2018, after acquisition plans were revealed in August of the same year. VMware acquired the company for its cloud management tools that monitor cloud usage, report on cost of current usage and help to plan future cloud consumption.

Tom Axbey, vice president of CloudHealth, this week told CRN he’s been busy with integration work ever since. CloudHealth first did back office work to align with VMware’s financial year, which starts on 1 February. CloudHealth also spent the time preparing to educate VMware’s 20,000 staff about its products and how to sell them. Much of that work involved figuring out how CloudHealth’s born-as-SaaS approach to selling would mesh with VMware’s rather different ways of getting to market.

To read the entire article, please click on https://www.crn.com.au/news/vmware-adds-cloudhealth-to-cloud-partner-program-526254

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