Virtual desktops won’t save cash in clouds or on-prem. So why care?

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Don’t buy either desktop virtualization or desktop-as-a-service solely to save cash. Don’t assume that because server virtualization went well the same will happen for desktops. And don’t assume that the cloudy desktops are cheaper and easier than on-premises virtual PCs. So said Mark Lockwood, a research director at Gartner for Technical Professionals, at the firm’s Infrastructure, Operations Management and Data Center Summit in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

Lockwood’s talk, titled “VDI or DaaS? Making the Right Virtual Desktop Decision” pointed out that either flavour of virtual desktop has potential to save you capital because you won’t be shelling out for PCs. But desktop virtualization (VDI) does have capital costs and they can be hefty because you need some weighty data centre infrastructure. Even after you buy that kit, you still have the infamously costly and complex burden of managing operating systems.

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