Verizon takes Android-like approach to virtualization in network, services and applications

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While some service providers are taking an Apple-like approach to virtualized networks and services, Verizon is firmly ensconced in the Android camp. Because of variations in their networks, service providers can take different pathways on the road to virtualization and hybrid networks as well as for how they offer their customers new services and applications, but Verizon’s Shawn Hakl said two primary models have emerged.

“We took a very Android, open systems model. I would characterize some of our competitors’ approaches as being more of an Apple model where they pick the chain,” said Hakl, senior vice president of business products, in an interview with FierceTelecom. “The first (Apple) model is a focus on a tightly integrated approach from network to NFV in which the carrier supplies the majority of the components … The second model involves a more mix and match approach that supports multiple service delivery, software and hardware choices and is relatively transport agnostic. Verizon’s approach falls more under the second category.”

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