Veeam’s anti-lock-in and on-the-fly for fickle hybrid customers

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Today, companies are up in the air about practically everything in information technology. They want to run on-premises, in public cloud, and in private cloud. Innovative new technologies tantalize them, and they change their minds as new products hit the market at a rapid pace. How does a vendor serve this uncertain, constantly shifting market?

Hybrid IT, customers’ dislike of lock-in, and fast-changing trends have influenced Veeam Software Inc.’s entire business strategy. “We don’t build a long-term roadmap, because the technology is changing so fast that we want to keep that flexibility and agility to change,” said Ratmir Timashev (pictured), co-founder and executive vice president of marketing and corporate development at Veeam. Veeam will disclose plans perhaps six to nine months ahead of time, he added, because the company wants to keep folding new features into its portfolio based on real-world usefulness, not media hype or analyst speculation.

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