Veeam roadmap features cloud focus, possible IPO

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Veeam Software is eyeing its second act. Product-wise, the Veeam roadmap includes a focus on cloud. Business-wise, the company has started to explore the possibility of going public. “Successful technology companies always have an Act 2,” Ratmir Timashev, Veeam’s co-founder and executive vice president, said at last month’s VeeamON 2019 user conference.

Previously, Veeam executives said the company had no plans for an initial public offering. For the first time, though, Timashev said at VeeamON that company leadership is starting to think about it. Going public might accelerate Veeam’s growth, Timashev said. Then again, it might not. Public companies have limitations, such as less flexibility, and are driven by quarterly earnings, Timashev said. On the other hand, they also have more brand awareness and credibility in the market, especially with large enterprise customers, he said.

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