Update: Registration Process Improvement, Fixes to Edit Profile, New Content and More

September 30, 2022

New content is here!

Community Knowledge Content Downloads are now in the portal! Our first batch has hit this morning, expect more to go live in the coming days.


Over the last two weeks we have worked to improve the process for registering and editing your profile, which has now been rolled out this morning. Already registered users who completed their profiles should expect to see improved auto-filling of forms.

* Not seeing forms auto-filled when you navigate to Learn and Earn Programs or Community Knowledge? Contact Us so we can re-set your profile.

Modifying the way we captured data and synced it across our platform enables us to start rolling out a new featured that many of you have asked for – automatic program filtering that matches qualifications to you! This new development is just around the corner – stay tuned for more.

Editing Profile

This was one of the most prominent bugs on the website. We have resolved the error displaying at the top of the page and now we need users to test the new form on the Edit Profile page. Let us know any problems you may experience! Please note, you will receive the incorrect message upon submission which we hope to have fixed shortly. Don’t forget to send us your feedback here.

Other Updates

We are continuing to improve upon our submission upload speed. We understand that many users, particularly Boost Code submissions, are experiencing a cURL timeout error when trying to submit a form. This is a top priority item for our team and hope to have an update for the Community soon!

Did you know you can contact the developers directly?

Click this icon at the bottom-right of your profile to be connected with a member of the ViB Web Team.

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