Transforming with the Cloud: If Not Now, When?

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The question of whether to move to the cloud is no longer relevant for most organizations. Migrating workloads to the cloud has already become an inevitable requirement for a vast majority of companies regardless of their sizes, and if your organization isn’t doing that already, then it is simply the question of when and how you’ll consider doing so.

The agility, redundancy and elasticity with regards to scaling compute resources present a compelling need to move to the cloud sooner than later, let alone other factors such as reduced overall capital expenses associated with managing a robust on-premises infrastructure. The finance sector is usually a little behind in embracing major changes in IT operations because of their strict regulatory compliance requirements and the complexity in their application portfolio as a result of several mergers and acquisitions. These restrictions are quite common, especially with insurance companies, but surprisingly there are several major insurance companies that have made significant investments to modernize their traditional applications and migrate them to the cloud for efficiency, agility and cost reasons.

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