TidalScale Updates Its Software-Defined, Composable Server

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Server-making startup TidalScale, which introduced itself and its new product a year ago at the Open Compute Project Summit, has unveiled the next generation of its software-defined server—what some analysts have called the missing piece of the composable software-defined data center.

Composable infrastructure is a trendy architecture that was given visibility by Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s entry into the genre a few years ago. It is designed to ensure that the exact amount of computing resources—from processing power and storage to network fabric and virtualization—can be rapidly pulled together from a single resource pool to support an application, and then returned to the pool when they’re no longer needed for the workload. It’s a just-in-time approach that enables optimization of resources. This is similar to aggregating various storage silos into one huge data repository.

To read the entire article, please click on this http://www.eweek.com/servers/tidalscale-updates-its-software-defined-composable-server

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