The importance of your hypervisor in hyper-converged infrastructure

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This datacenter deployment method boomed, becoming very popular quickly. However, it’s still relatively new, so you might not know what it is yet. If we go back, infrastructures were made up of various components from many different vendors. Each of these was then managed by IT workers, often in separate teams.

Storage hypervisor

Clearly, this was a very expensive solution. From here, converged infrastructure was created. These “pooled resources” from different servers to create a unified set of resources in order to make it more simple to handle all components. However, this option does still lead to performance issues, particularly with legacy systems, so many companies realized that “this model did not address data problems because not all data applications are converged,” as explained by Lavanya Rathnam in her TechGenix article “Why hyper-converged infrastructure is good for your business.”

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