The Future of Open Source Big Data Platforms

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Three well-funded startups – Cloudera Inc., Hortonworks Inc., and MapR Technologies Inc. — emerged a decade ago to commercialize products and services in the open-source ecosystem around Hadoop, a popular software framework for processing huge amounts of data. The hype peaked in early 2014 when Cloudera raised a massive $900 million funding round, valuing it at $4.1 billion.

Hortonworks went public in 2014 and Cloudera followed in 2017, but both saw shares tumble as market competition intensified and customers began moving rapidly to the cloud. Cloudera and Hortonworks merged last fall, but the stock of the combined entity has continued to fall, slicing market value by half over the last seven months. MapR announced its intentions to go public more than four years ago, but never followed through, opting instead to raise two more rounds of venture funding in 2016 and 2017. It was recently revealed that MapR may cut up to 122 jobs and shut down its Santa Clara, California headquarters if it can’t secure additional funding.

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