Server virtualization in DevOps continues to offer advantages

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DevOps methodologies have found natural allies in application technologies such as containerization, microservices and serverless computing. This leaves many to believe that server virtualization no longer has a role in modern application delivery. However, server virtualization in DevOps provides many benefits, including the ability to support multiple environments.

Not only do virtual servers continue to host many applications and environments; they also add an extra layer of security, support quality assurance (QA) and provide an environment for DevOps tools. The majority of workloads run in VMs, which abstract the underlying hardware and provide improved security, simplified management and better resource utilization. Virtualization in DevOps has become an integral part of the software stack, and is fully entrenched in most data centers with advanced tooling for monitoring systems, backing up VMs and centrally managing virtual environments. This includes the ability to automate and orchestrate operations.

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