Select a data backup appliance with robust functionality

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Choosing the best data backup appliance for your needs will depend on your organization’s unique data management requirements. Although many integrated backup appliances have similar functionality, the brief descriptions below can help you differentiate between the various products.

Unified Data Protection, or UDP 6.5, is Arcserve’s flagship backup platform, and it’s available as software or in a range of integrated data backup appliances. Marketed as the UDP 8000 series, Arcserve sells four models in 1U (8100 and 8200) or 2U (8300 and 8400) form factors. The entry model, 8100, comes with 6 TB of raw storage capacity, supplemented with 120 GB of flash SSD. At the high end, the 8400 has 80 TB of raw capacity and 1.2 TB of SSD. Local protection is RAID 5 for the 8100 and 8200 models, or RAID 6 for the 8300 and 8400 models. Systems can be extended through the use of additional expansion disk shelves and system dynamic RAM (DRAM).

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