Securing Workloads from Private Cloud to VMware Cloud on AWS

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For IT, combining public and private cloud into a hybrid datacenter has always held tremendous promise. Imagine getting a call from accounting because they unexpectedly need to re-run hardware-intensive workloads for two weeks. The problem is that with all the production workloads running and development stress-testing a major application, your on-premises infrastructure is already being fully consumed; there is simply no capacity left for the accounting team.

Enter VMware Cloud on AWS – the fruit of a partnership between VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Previously, you could forklift workloads to the cloud and bring them back, but it would be challenging because the virtual underpinnings of the environments were very different. If your on-premises Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) took advantage of VMware technology, it was difficult to migrate workloads to the public cloud and back, without refactoring apps. Preserving infrastructure settings and management consistency was also a challenge.

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