Sea-power data center first for Scotland

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A green power start-up has announced plans to build the world’s first sea-powered data center, off the cold north tip of Scotland. Simec Atlantis Energy said engineering firm AECOM would build the facility in the North Atlantic. Simec started operating a tidal-power electricity plant there. The cold waters would cool the planned data center’s hot computer equipment as well.

The renewables start-up, which has already built tidal power capacity of 6MW at its MeyGen tidal plant in Scotland, said it was in talks with data center operators interested in using the site, which would be built by 2024. A spokeswoman said the operator’s identity was secret. MeyGen was due to supply 80MW of electricity to the national grid by 2024, said Simec in press release. $20bn engineering firm AECOM was building the sea-born facility and would own it, said the spokeswoman.

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