Scale Computing HC3 gaining an enterprise foothold, CEO says

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Scale Computing has moved against the grain from the start. While most hyper-converged infrastructure vendors support VMware vSphere, Scale Computing HC3 uses a variant of Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor. The open source virtualization appeals to organizations seeking to avoid VMware licensing or those with limited storage IT resources.

Also, Scale allows customers to start with a single node and add nodes as needed, compared to the three-node minimum purchase imposed by most HCI vendors. That approach is aimed at organizations that have growing storage needs but  limited IT budgets.  Dell VMware and Nutanix remain the powerhouses in HCI, but Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready said he is content to chase deals in the small business and midmarket. Ready said converged and hyper-converged infrastructure are merely means to an end. What customers crave, he said, is a software-defined approach that simplifies installation and management on commodity servers.

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