Rackspace rebrands, aims to be unbiased managed cloud, professional services provider

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Rackspace has a new look, brand focus and plan to be an unbiased managed cloud vendor that can offer professional and services across an enterprise. The company, which is now privately held, started as a hosting firm known for customer service, helped launch OpenStack, briefly tried to compete with public cloud giants and then retooled under a series of management changes. Today, Rackspace is looking to be a managed and professional cloud services firm that’s unbiased and focused on the customer service that the company is known for.

Rackspace’s timing is pretty good given customers are going multi-cloud, increasingly worried about costs and leveraging multiple vendors for their infrastructure and applications.  Without quarterly earnings reports and the hassle that goes with them, Rackspace has been able to refine its focus. The gist of the new logo is meant to highlight that Rackspace is behind the scenes for its customers.

To read the entire article, please click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/rackspace-rebrands-aims-to-be-unbiased-managed-cloud-professional-services-provider/

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