Oracle boosts autonomous cloud services and hints at blockchain plans

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When it comes to cloud computing applications, Oracle Corp. is all about self: self-repairing, self-securing and self-driving. After rolling out its Data Warehouse Cloud in March, Oracle doubled down today on its autonomous capabilities with the general availability of built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for its analytics, integration and visual builder cloud services.

Oracle Cloud service

The extension of new autonomous capabilities across its platform-as-a-service portfolio highlights the company’s interest in staking out an position in offering autonomous services for enterprise applications for the database market. This point was driven home by Oracle Chief Executive Mark Hurd during the company’s media day at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. “We actually built a brand-new set of apps,” Hurd said. “That’s very different from what anybody else did. We’re taking a lot of market share in applications overall.”

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