Nokia, Altibox Give Cable Network Virtualization a Dose of Reality

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The pace of deployment of the distributed access architecture (DAA) and cable network virtualization isn’t moving as rapidly as some suppliers have hoped, but it is moving. While Comcast appears to be leading the way with DAA development and adoption in the US, deployment activity is percolating in some relatively small pockets in Europe.

One such example surfaced last week when Nokia announced that Altibox is pushing ahead with a plan to consolidate its hubs in a region and using DAA as part of a broader plan to deliver all of its services, including video, over IP. “It’s a full network transformation,” Hans Slabbinck, Nokia’s regional product manager for cable in Europe, said of the Altibox deployment, which is already underway. He said Altibox’s plan is to swap out its legacy gear with Nokia’s virtual DAA platform, enabling DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS multicast techniques that will pave the way for a full IPTV offering.

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