Microsoft Meets Long-Time Rival VMware With Open Hybrid-Cloud Arms

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Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, VMware without question remains the enterprise virtualization leader. Microsoft has tried unseating it by integrating its own hypervisor, Hyper-V, into both Windows Server and Windows Desktop to entice customers with a “comes in the box” approach. It’s launched products to simplify backing up VMware virtual machines to Azure (Azure Site Recovery) and even to migrate the rival’s VM to Hyper-V. What it hasn’t had is a fully supported way to natively run a VMware workload in Azure.

Now it does. Two weeks ago at Dell Technologies World, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appeared on stage alongside Dell CEO Michael Dell (Dell Technologies owns most of VMware) and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to announce a new Azure hybrid cloud solution for running VMware workloads on Microsoft’s public cloud.

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