Linux Foundation backs new ‘ACRN’ hypervisor for embedded and IoT

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The Linux Foundation has announced a new hypervisor for use in embedded and internet of things scenarios. Project ACRN (pronounced “acorn”) will offer a “hypervisor, and its device model complete with rich I/O mediators.” There’ll also be “a Linux-based Service OS” and the ability to “run guest operating systems (another Linux instance, an RTOS, Android, or other operating systems) simultaneously”.

The Linux Foundation already hosts the Xen Project, which has an effort under way to adapt that hypervisor for embedded and automotive applications. Xen has made that effort a priority after Amazon Web Services signalled its hypervisor will not be its long-term choice, as The Reg revealed last year. But ACRN thinks Xen and other hypervisors built for data centre use can’t do embedded well due to two problems: they’re big, and; they can’t prioritise certain workloads.

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