Protect Your AWS-hosted Web Applications from Fraud and Account Abuse

  • Headquartered In: Global
  • Company Size: $1B in Annual Revenue
  • Industries: E-Commerce, Travel, Financial Services, SaaS Applications, Gaming, Software Companies, Hospitality, Healthcare, Government
  • Titles & Job Levels: IT, Cybersecurity, Risk, Operations Manager+
  • Titles & Job Levels: Analysts, Reliability and Engineering Influencers and Decision Makers
  • MUST have Tech Install: AWS

This solution detects and mitigates sophisticated bots with unmatched speed, scale, and precision. Detection is based on behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning, predictive models, and security research. Mitigation actions include hard blocks, honeypots, misdirection, and deceptive content. If required, our frictionless verification tool provides an additional detection mechanism without impacting user experience.

These bot mitigation solutions seamlessly integrate using Amazon CloudFront and AWS Lambda@Edge to provide comprehensive bot management while ensuring low latency. It deploys out-of-band and mitigates bots at the edge, without adding another layer of in-line traffic processing.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • Protect against account takeover, account fraud and abuse, and credential stuffing.
  • Stop transaction abuse, such as carding and gift card fraud, inventory hoarding, and scalping.
  • Prevent the theft of payment data and other personal identifiable information (PII) due to digital skimming, formjacking, or account takeover.
  • Avoid exposing users’ PII, which could lead to a regulatory compliance violation.
  • Block bots from scraping your website content and first-party data.
  • Provide a secure, low-friction, experience to customers.

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