Protect Your AWS-hosted Web Applications from Fraud and Account Abuse

  • Headquartered In: Global
  • Company Size: $1B in Annual Revenue
  • Industries: E-Commerce, Travel, Financial Services, SaaS Applications, Gaming, Software Companies
  • Titles & Job Levels: IT, Cybersecurity, Risk, Operations Manager+
  • Titles & Job Levels: Analysts, Reliability and Engineering Influencers and Decision Makers
  • MUST have Tech Install: AWS
  • Qualifying Question: Do you currently have AWS installed? (Yes/No)

On average, 40% of all login attempts to your site and mobile applications are malicious in nature. That can go up to 80% of all login attempts during significant account takeover (ATO) attacks. Increasingly, this mix includes mobile apps and mobile APIs as key targets.  From simply hijacking a stolen account to making fraudulent purchases to siphoning off loyalty points, ATO attacks offer attackers many ways to abuse a user account and extract value or personal information quickly and easily. 

As more and more web infrastructure is moved to AWS, there is a great opportunity for businesses to protect their customers from online fraud and account abuse at the edge. Seamless integration of application security with AWS provides comprehensive and flexible protection against digital attacks.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • Protect against credential stuffing and account takeover.
  • Stop account abuse, such as card fraud and gift card fraud.
  • Prevent the theft of payment data and other personal identifiable information (PII) due to digital skimming or form-jacking.
  • Avoid exposing users’ PII, which could lead to a regulatory compliance violation.
  • Provide a secure, low-friction, experience to customers.

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