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Does your organization struggle with disconnected tools that slow teams down, create silos, and make it difficult for employees to focus on what matters? Have you considered whether the legacy tools you’re using have been retrofitted for cloud, AI, and the new era of work, leading to clunky infrastructure that is stifling innovation? Or maybe, you’re looking for a way to use generative AI as a collaborative partner, so you can save time, spark creativity, and alleviate common barriers in communication. Our solution provides the tools that teams of all sizes need to connect, create, and achieve more together.

Our full collaboration suite of solutions not only eliminates monthly charges from separate vendors, but provides your team with a seamless and secure productivity experience – no switching between apps. Seamlessly integrated apps for email, documents, calendar and video conferencing help users do their best work. By streamlining your productivity tools, you can do more with less. How? Research has found that organizations can realize benefits worth an annual average of $120,700 per 100 daily active solution users ($44.39 million per organization), due to allowing employees to spend more time on value-added and innovative activities; enhancing digital experiences for employees; and generating significant operational efficiencies in the form of higher employee productivity. 

In using our solution, organizations recognized 265 additional hours of total productivity per user per year; that’s almost $1,500 in net productivity per user per year! Why? Customers who use our comprehensive solution have 36% more time available for innovative work and spend 24% less time on “busy work.” And best of all, businesses adopting our solution are more likely to report greater productivity and increased revenue than businesses using our competitor’s tools – 82% saying that after switching to our solution, their team has become more innovative.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • Limited integration between applications leading to frequent context switching.
  • Inability to complement your team’s existing technology.
  • Security risks from thick-client apps, email attachments, and constant patches.
  • Traditional tools preventing mobility and hybrid work.
  • Poor speed, performance, and reliability with current tools.
  • Not enough time & limited amount of AI tools to help save time.
  • Lack of a clear, consistent, and innovative roadmap.

You must be directly involved in your company’s evaluation process for solutions like this, or in the management chain for people who do. You must be a hands-on user of the prospective solution or in the management chain of users. Please do not register for programs that are an unlikely fit. Your credibility and ours depend on it.

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