IT Process Automation

  • Headquartered In: USA
  • Company Size: 5,000 + Employees
  • Industries: All
  • Titles: CIO, Infrastructure & Operations, IT, Automation, Network Operations, IT Service Delivery, IT Operations, IT Strategy, Digital Transformation except Security, Marketing, Compliance and Analyst
  • Job Level: Manager+

Every IT leader is facing critical business imperatives, including doubling capacity and productivity while cutting costs in half; continuously delivering stellar customer experiences while falling behind the ever-increasing tech sprawl; and overcoming talent gaps while future-proofing their organization. Most technologies focus on individual productivity or incremental efficiency, however IT process automation takes organizations from individual outcomes to driving transformative business outcomes.

Purpose-built IT process automation (ITPA) addresses every unique challenge across IT Operations, Network Operations, ITSM and Cloud teams, with automated workflows that allow IT teams to respond faster, reduce the impact of incidents, and consistently maintain and deliver on their service-level agreements (SLAs).

True end-to-end automation will free up your IT teams from time-consuming and error-prone manual work and empowers IT to drive business innovation. From simple IT tasks to large scale service orchestration, IT process automation can be the backbone for business growth (for every $1 dollar spent on automation, you can achieve a 10x return on your investment).

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • Automate away mundane, manual tasks, from availability checks and infrastructure maintenance to incident response and alert remediation.
  • Orchestrate the most mission-critical processes on a platform that is built to scale easily from simple tasks to the most complex processes.
  • Achieve fast time to value with hundreds of pre-built integrations and thousands of pre-built automations, ready to work with your existing IT infrastructure and systems.
  • Eliminate L1 through self-service and automate ticket fulfillment.
  • Left-shift L2/L3 escalations through automated incident remediation, service request fulfillment, and end-to-end ticket resolution.
  • No more on-call – modernize to a dark or cognitive NOC.
  • Maximize your IT operations capabilities and current investments in observability and AIOps by enabling full-stack automation.
  • Surpass your SLAs—confidently add one more 9—and shift to XLAs.
  • Drive differentiated customer experiences by automating service requests like employee onboarding and offboarding, L1 ticket remediation, and CMDB updates.

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