Challenges of Security in Dynamic Cloud Environment

  • Headquartered In: USA States Only – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • Company Size: 250+ Employees
  • Industries: All except Government, K-12 Education, Nonprofits, and Public Education
  • Titles: IT and Cybersecurity
  • Job Level: Influencers and Decision Makers

Challenges: Cloud services adoption is largely motivated by the confidence of security measures in place. For a secure foundation, organizations must implement virtual security gateways to secure their cloud networks and provide advanced threat prevention, traffic inspection, and micro-segmentation.

Solution: Cloud Network Security is an all-in-one security suite that covers both public and private cloud deployments. Stay safe no matter where you are.

  • Get protection from threats with Firewall, DLP, IPS, Application Control, IPsec VPN, Antivirus
  • Increased efficiency for security teams with automated and advanced threat prevention
  • Reduce risk of security breaches by 99.9% catch rate

Posture Management and Visibility: Continuous assessment of cluster security configurations and best practices. Customize compliance rulesets and advanced visibility of the environment.

Runtime Protection: Real time threat detection and prevention to protect known and unknown attacks with baselining and behavioral signatures.

Challenges: Adopting public cloud infrastructure means security is now shared between cloud users and their cloud provider. How do organizations provide foundational security to reduce risk and increase cloud confidence?

Solution: Support for the broadest range of cloud infrastructures, including: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud and more.

  • Auto-provisioning and auto-scaling along with automatic policy updates ensures security protections keep pace with all changes to your cloud.
  • Single unified console delivers consistent visibility, policy management, logging, reporting and control across all cloud environments and networks.

Challenges: Enterprises should design and implement agile cloud security architectures, instead of adding security “after-the-fact”.

Solution: Supports agility, scalability, high availability, elasticity and efficiency. Check Point supplies code to enable full automation.

  • Enables rapid deployment via the public cloud Marketplaces: uses templates of AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager and other cloud vendors.
  • Integrated with leading configuration management tools, supporting Infrastructure As Code, CI/CD practices, automation of processes using APIs and security automation use cases.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • How do you maintain high fidelity security on all of your cloud workloads and assets, including your CI/CD pipeline?
  • How do you gain deep visibility into vulnerability information secrets, and malware in your runtime cloud environment?
  • Do you understand your Cloud permissions, enforce least privilege across your cloud, have visibility into unused roles, and understand risky entitlements that can put you at risk?
  • Streamline governance and enforcement of cloud security best practices, with granular intuitive visibility of cloud assets, networks and security groups.

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