Ensure Everyone is Seen and Heard Equally

  • Headquartered In: USA
  • Company Size: 500+ Employees
  • Industries: All except Government
  • Titles: IT, Procurement, Audio Visuals
  • Job Level: Manager+

High quality video and sound in business communication mean more than seeing and hearing what is being said. They enable remote communication that is as close to face-to-face interaction as possible. This means business executives can still discuss important business decisions, colleagues can still collaborate and innovate effectively and salespeople can still speak with their customers.

In other words, business momentum can prevail without interruption and work-life balance can be created, meaning more sleep, less travel, and more free time to spend with family and friends. In fact, experts report that having a work-life balance can lead to improved health, enhanced productivity, increased mindfulness, improved relationships, and happiness.

In terms of health, professional quality video and audio have very real, direct benefits. High-definition video can avoid eye strain and even vision issues. High fidelity audio can mitigate hearing damage by avoiding above-normal spikes in audio during live video conferencing.

The result = Meeting your meeting needs.

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • Challenges securing enough budget to meet project demands.
  • Lack of quality of audio or video solutions.
  • Difficulty in using/setting up audio or video solutions.
  • Issues with UC compatibility.

You must be directly involved in your company’s evaluation process for solutions like this, or in the management chain for people who do. You must be a hands-on user of the prospective solution or in the management chain of users. Please do not register for programs that are an unlikely fit. Your credibility and ours depend on it.

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