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Data Migration With Nasuni: A fast, easy, secure transition to the cloud

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Part of any organization’s journey to the cloud includes migrating data. Nasuni’s Data Migration Services are the pathway to an implementation that eliminates risk, accelerates value, and is elementary to the success of our customers. The experience we have from the hundreds of successful deployments has resulted in the right application of technologies, consulting services, and project scope to ensure a fast and painless migration built on a solid foundation. 

Following our methodology we begin the process of transferring our expertise to our customers by educating our customers on architectural best practices with the goal of translating customer operational requirements into an operational deployment. During the process our team makes recommendations for improving the deployment by leveraging our broad experience with more than 700 customers deployed and 1,000s of successful migration projects to apply our innovative solutions to meet the operational requirements for your business. 

Our Data Migration Services are right-sized to environments that scale from an organization with a single site with tens of Terabytes to global, multi-national companies with Petabytes of data, hundreds of locations, and thousands of users. In each case we work with our customer to determine the best Data Migration Services that result in the fastest return on investment. The result is an architecture that will support your business at the end of the process and into the future.

Data Migration With Nasuni: A fast, easy, secure transition to the cloud