Cloud-Native Workflow Automation for Supply Chain

  • Headquartered In: North America
  • Company Size: 500+ Employees
  • Industries: Logistics & Supply Chain, Wholesale, Wine & Spirits, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Supermarkets, Food Production, Consumer Goods, Retail, Restaurants, Food & Beverages, Dairy, Construction, Medical Device Manufacturing, and Furniture
  • Titles / Roles:
    • Manager + titles related to: Supply Chain Software, Digital Supply Chain, Integrated Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Operations, Supply Chain Optimization, Supply Operations, Supply Chain Management, Operations
    • IT Director and above titles related to: Application Development, Business Service Management, Collaboration & Web Apps

    *MUST Have In-House Supply Chain Management Organization to Qualify*


According to a new survey from IBM and Celonis, “72% of CSCOs surveyed expect their processes and workflows to be automated over the next three to five years—and 69% plan to accelerate cloud adoption to enhance real-time data access.”

However, the inability to access supply chain data is the #1 cited challenge for advancing such projects.

With the introduction of cloud-native solutions, companies can now access their supply chain data in real-time and build automated workflows instantaneously without any integrations required.

The major Data Clouds (AWS, Snowflake, and Azure) have developed new technology to enable data “views” instead of integrations. When combined with the next generation of cloud-native applications, companies can benefit from instantaneously synchronized, readable, writeable, and configurable data that can be seamlessly and securely applied to any dashboard, workflow or analytics.

Companies go live in 2-4 weeks without any integrations or IT required. Increase productivity, decrease cycle times, and eliminate exceptions with workflow automation. Risk-free pilots are available to get started.

More than half of chief supply chain officers surveyed would sacrifice profit for sustainability. IBM Newsroom. (n.d.).

Top reasons our community cites for adopting or considering this solution:

  • To automate manual and repetitive tasks.
  • To track operational performance in real-time and receive real-time updates.
  • To overlay external datasets (e.g. demand data, weather data, pricing data, etc.) to create smart workflows that update dynamically.
  • Identify trends and patterns to eliminate bottlenecks.

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