Latest update takes Arcserve RHA to the cloud

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The newest version of Arcserve RHA extended its continuous replication capabilities up to the cloud, allowing users to leave the site-to-site failover world behind. Arcserve RHA (Replication and High Availability) is Arcserve’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) software, a replication tool that records I/O changes in a journal and synchronizes it across the primary and secondary targets. A failure at the primary site will trigger an immediate failover to the secondary site.

Up until this update, Arcserve RHA could only replicate from and to on-premises environments. This version not only allows site-to-cloud failover, but also failback to new hardware, a different geographical site, or to another cloud. Arcserve CTO Oussama El-Hilali said this capability provides more flexibility for organizations building out their DR infrastructure. He pointed out that another use case for Arcserve RHA is for migrating applications to the cloud.

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